Busy Zone – Pre School & Reception

Ms Emma Sumpter

Class Teacher (Mon – Wed)

Mrs Rosanna Nisbet

Class Teacher (Thurs – Fri)

Mrs Natasha Butcher

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lucy Probert

Teaching Assistant

Jo Thorniley

Teaching Assistant

Busy Zone

Welcome to the Busy Zone, where the youngest children  begin their learning in school.

The children are encouraged to be strong independent learners. Following their interests and guided by positive adult support.

The classroom and outside area are full of rich learning opportunities for play and playful teaching.

The teaching staff ensure active and challenging experiences are explored fully.

We encourage the children to talk about their learning and to be reflective about the next steps along their learning journey.

Family Learning

Teach your monster to read!

A fun and interactive game to help children recognise and use phonics

Oxford Owl Reading – An excellent source of Phonics information and support, with the added advantage of free ebooks to download and share as a family.

Busy Zone Autumn 2 2023 - Houses and Homes

We will begin our learning next term with an exploration of the world around us.  Sharing the story of ‘The Leaf Thief’ we will learn about where the squirrel lives and share his journey through the seasons. We will consider the changes we can see happening, explore what Autumn looks like and create our own Artwork inspired by our learning.  We will learn about the celebrations that happen at this time of year, sharing our experiences of bonfire night and creating some wonderful chalk art.  We will look at light and shadow in art, linking this with our bonfire learning, creating shadow pictures and puppets.  We will then use the story ‘Peace at Last’ to explore night and day, learning about sounds all around us, both outside and inside of our homes, identifying those we can hear as well as creating our own.

We will then move on to consider how animals cope with Autumn.  Using the story of ‘The Gruffalo’ we will learn about all the different animal homes in the woods, before considering our own homes and where we live.  We will take a walk up to Plovers Field to compare the houses we can see and make our own maps of our adventures. We also hope to take a trip on the bus to Helston to expand our learning about our local area.  We will be understanding the similarities and differences between places, as well as naming some of the local human and physical features.

We will finish the term with an exploration of The Jolly Postman Christmas Special, using the text to help us explore different aspect of Christmas now and in the past.  We will add a Christmas tree and decorations to our role play house (happy for any donations!)  We will have lots of opportunity for list writing, making cards and of course Christmas crafts with plenty of glitter!!  In the lead up to Christmas, we will learn about why Christmas is special for Christians during our RE learning. There will be lots of opportunities for children to practise their joining skills learnt during Outdoor Learning when creating Christmas decorations.

Autumn 23 B Topic web

Busy Zone Autumn 1 2023 - Marvellous Me!

Long Term Plan 23-24
To start the new academic year our topic is ‘Marvellous Me!’ Throughout the term we will share what is special and unique about each and every one of us and how our similarities and differences make us special. We will explore themes of belonging which will include the belonging to a family and how different faiths welcome new babies into their family. We will share who is special to us in our own families, sharing photographs and create our own family tree.

In computing we will start to develop mouse and keyboard control using a computer with the programme ‘Paint’

We will learn about what our bodies need to keep healthy and clean and start our PE curriculum- beginning with locomotion. In outdoor learning we will explore the woodland and themes of awe, wonder and thankfulness will be the basis for our activities as we observe the change to the season.

Throughout the term we will have opportunities to explore colour and colour mixing and share our creative ideas through a variety of art mediums.  We will study the work of Jackson Pollock, using our gross motor skills to large scale collaborative pieces.

Autumn 23 Topic web