Maths Implementation

Pupils across the school access daily maths lessons with a focus on varied fluency, reasoning and problem-solving activities, in line with the national curriculum. Each class follows the same approach to the work through the process of Show, Do, Think, Explain, Solve, which is adapted appropriately for the younger pupils while maintaining consistency across the school.

An age appropriate, consistent language of maths is used throughout the school to support transition from year group to year group. Mental arithmetic is practiced daily and calculation strategies are taught explicitly with an emphasis on number facts and fluency (see Calculation policy for progression of skills).

Pupils access the main objective of the lesson from whole class and group teaching and develop a deeper understanding of the objective through further independent and supported activities which progress through the lesson and continue through the unit of work. Where appropriate, concrete resources are used to support a deeper understanding of the maths being taught. These are used alongside images and pictures before introducing the abstract representation. Talking about maths is an integral part of the lesson and pupils are encouraged to answer in clear sentences and explain their learning using ‘Stem’ sentences to develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Teachers use precise questioning in class to test conceptual and procedural knowledge, and assess pupils regularly to identify those requiring intervention. A short summative assessment of the main learning objectives also takes place at the end of each unit of work and at KS2, pupils also undertake a Spring and Summer term assessment. Pupils are encouraged to support and learn from each other through ‘learning buddies’ and ‘talk time’ with the emphasis on explaining and solving problems together through mathematical discussion.

EYFS Progression Map

Y1 to Y6 Maths_progression.

Calculation Policy Introduction

New Calculation Policy Addition 2022

New Calculation Policy Subtraction 2022

New Calculation Policy Multiplication 2022

New Calculation Policy Division 2022

New Calculation Policy Fractions 2022

Maths Vocabulary