Pupil Involvement

School Council

The School Council is a group of pupils who act as a link between staff and children. Their role is to put forward ideas of how we can improve our school, such as organising events, fundraising or suggesting after school clubs. We feel it is important that all children have a voice in our school.

Every September we hold elections to vote for a new School Council. Pupils who wish to become a school councillor must first write a letter to Miss Neil explaining reasons why they would like to take on this important role. Next, the prospective councillors are invited to prepare a short statement about themselves which they share in front of their class. Everyone in the class votes for 2 pupils. The child with the most votes from each year group, is elected and given a special school councillor badge. The school councillors range from Year 1 to Year 6 and they meet fortnightly.

Our school council for 2022 – 2023
Evie, Ava, Lily-May, Eloyse, Emily, Franklin, Rosie, Sebby and Bella

Eco Council

The Eco-Council are elected every year from nominations put forward by the children of Sithney School. The job of the Eco-Council is to develop an action plan for how the Sithney School community will help to improve the environment. The Eco-Council meet every half term to plan and implement the action plan.  We are very pleased to have won a number of awards for our commitment to sustainability and the environment. Further details on our activities can be found below.

Play Makers

The playmakers are a team of KS2 children tasked with supporting the development of active playtimes. They are selected each year from written nominations put forward explaining why they want to be playmakers and how they will make a difference. All playmakers undergo play leader training prior to taking on the responsibility for helping to lead active playtimes. They are supported in this role by the PE Coordinator.


At Sithney CP School, the children are at the heart of everything that we do and for this reason we feel that people who are best placed to talk to visitors about how the school works is the children. We have four Year 6 children, our ambassadors, who take on this role. They talk about the school with passion, enthusiasm and genuine fondness- book your visit to see for yourself.
What our ambassadors have to say:

We are proud to be Learning Ambassadors because in our last year of primary we get to show and tell people our knowledge of the school.  It is an honour that we have been specially chosen because we know the school so well and we get to share what we know with parents and possibly bring new children into our school.