The Cornwall Agreed Syllabus for R.E is followed at Sithney School and a rolling programme has been designed to ensure coverage across the early years foundation stage and both key stages. Pupils have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of Christianity alongside 3 other key religions: Islam, Hinduism and Judaism within a systematic approach-studying one religion at a time followed by a thematic unit that builds on learning and compares the beliefs and practices studied.

In addition, through their study of Curriculum Kernewek children develop and apply their knowledge and understanding of the religious, spiritual and cultural character of Cornwall so as to explore the relevance of this rich heritage for many people living in Cornwall and beyond today.

The curriculum for RE aims to ensure that all pupils can ‘make sense of’ the religions and beliefs studied, ‘understand the impact’ of these beliefs in people’s lives and to ‘make connections’ in their learning and their wider experiences of the world.

Pupils will have opportunities to consider, describe, explain, evaluate and appreciate the diversity in beliefs and practices, comparing them to their own and others. Pupils are encouraged to develop their own sense of identity and belonging and are taught to be respectful towards the views and beliefs of others, being made aware that there are different worldviews, religions and cultures within our communities.

Parents have a right to withdraw their child wholly or partly from:

  • Receiving religious education given in the school in accordance with the school’s curriculum
  • Attendance at religious worship in the school
Parents who wish to withdraw their child from RE are first given opportunity to discuss their request, so this can be properly understood.  However, parents do not have to explain their reasons if they choose not to do so.  The school will discuss the practical implications of the withdrawal and the circumstances in which it may be reasonable to accommodate their wishes.  If a parent still wishes to withdraw their child, the school will ask for this request to be made in writing.

RE long term plan Cornwall Agreed syllabus